What if shared sales management was for you ?

11 June 2015

This is not about fashion or trends. Neither is it about getting rid of internal posts nor making more profits. It is not the new

Outsourcing negotiations is more than a trend, it’s an asset

10 April 2015

It’s a fact, French companies are no longer scared of outsourcing. Whether it’s for one specific service or several or for a one-off or recurring

How can value be recreated?

27 November 2014

At a time when ethics, in general, and corporate social responsibility, in particular, are especially popular and acclaimed values, the principal of the value chain,

What if negotiating became reasonable?

21 October 2014

Over the last few years, the price war has reached worrying proportions and is starting to show its limits. Neither suppliers, distributers nor consumers really

Tomorrow’s consumer, the keystone of negotiations

They are increasingly demanding, they proclaim loud and clear what they want and what they will no longer tolerate. Whether they are ecologists, an anti-globalisation