Our partners


  • an outsourced local sales force that enables you to sharply increase your diffusion with retailers and to promote your brands and promotional plans
  • in-store demonstrations and events that differentiate and reinforce your brand image while significantly boosting your sales
  • an integrated supply chain service that meets complex specifications from distribution networks and avoids you heavy investments and a job in itself.  Today, in a context of price wars, margin gains by the retailers are made on this part of the value chain. Their expectations and demands are therefore high. Value-added solutions proposed are all too rare and provide a real lever for negotiations with your buyer.



Over the last few years, we have forged robust and strategic partnerships with experts who trust us and support your growth. Today, they help you propose a comprehensive offer throughout the entire value chain.

Firstly, the caution exercised by these key partners with your future distributors makes your company credible.

In addition, the “I pay for what I use, not what I have” rationale also reinforces this agility and optimises your balance sheet.

  • You optimise costs through pooling with similar brands to yours and together you boost your impact with the retailer.
  • You offer simpler management, synergies and price cuts to your buyer on several brands in their customer portfolio.
  • You ensure a level of service and quality that marks you out from supermarket buyers
  • Your company offers them competitiveness in line with their specifications
  • You boost your negotiating leverage in a “triple win” spirit by providing your buyer with solutions offering significant and positive implications for their consumers and their high street brand.

Force de vente, animation, merchandising  en temps et couts partagés, la meilleure option pour pousser, vendre et aider à mettre en avant vos marques.The guarantee of our command over the Harvard method enables each Triple Win negotiation to constantly shape and improve while CEN also helps us to effectively train your teams.

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