Our innovative approach

We negotiate for you and optimise each link in your company’s value chain


Our goals:

  • help you access robust, more profitable and lasting growth
  • help you develop in the supermarket sector both in France and abroad
  • help you set up long-term partnerships
  • open up new opportunities and distribution networks

Developing your Agility as a key factor of success

For a company in a constrained and changing environment, agility is the ability to propose a global solution for the price of a standard offer, but with a high degree of differentiation including services and information. The company alone cannot provide the answers to succeed and must develop lots of agreements with key players to keep jointly-developing solutions for its entire value chain.

First off, Triple Win improves your

  • Retail agility:  You benefit from our outsourced negotiating expertise to enhance your growth in central purchasing departments and distribution networks. Based on results, you can then opt to insource this resource having minimised your risks.
  • Purchasing agility: Finally, you’ve got to buy as well! Our negotiating expertise can be easily applied to optimise your purchases.
  • Agility in human resources: HR negotiations are the third part of our expertise to bring you closer to your social partners and sign winning, lasting agreements for the company and for each individual.